Its classification as Psychedelic Jazz on its own aroused my interest. And indeed, I did not regret my purchase.
Over the past weeks, I have increasingly immersed myself in the diverse world of Jazz. Being an extensive genre by itself, combined with unusual sounds, it opens new spheres.

This record by the Gökhan Sürer Quartet that consists of musicians from Mexico, Serbia, Catalonia and Turkey, offers a lot of hightlights. The introductory drum solo and the rhythm change to something that sounds very much like Reggae, together with the synth solo on the third track alone are just a few.

The intro of the fourth track, Onbeşli, reminds me of the sounds I tried to capture with the Sahara playlist, for the people who remember.
To sum it up, this ep is just a beautiful and coherent result and once again a perfect opportunity to understand the good parts of life.