I spent a beautiful day with my good friend Leon and asked him to answer a few questions about music and his work. All pictures shown on the photographs were made by Leon.

What do you do?

Hopefully what I feel like most at the moment.

Why do you do that?

Because it makes me happy.

Do you listen to music at work? If yes, which kind and does it serve you as inspiration, entertainment or concentration aid?

That's hard to answer ... Basically, I like to listen to almost everything ... from pattering rain, the screeching of the interior designers' saws, cawing carrons, howling wind, footsteps and babbling in the hallway, audio books, to a selection of music that spans almost all genres, from Russian choirs to contemporary rap. And don't forget the silence! I really like it too!

Music is my motivation, mood maker, my best friend and greatest enemy at the same time. Just as it can propel me, it can also distract and destroy.

Is there a parallel between the development of your taste in music and the development of your work?

On the whole, I would say no. My work and taste in music don’t tend to develop in parallel. But, of course, I also notice that sometimes during the process, e.g. when painting, it comes to a fusion. When I listen to jazz my sting is different than when I listen to rock ...

Do you prefer to listen to individual songs in playlists or entire albums? Why?

The only important thing to me is that I can drift away immediately and not wake up again so quickly. A good playlist can give me that as much as a well-thought-out album.

Do you pay more attention to the lyrics or the melody?


Do you have favourite artists / albums that you can recommend? Why those?

Dire Straits by Dire Straits

In the morning in the evening at noon ... until it comes out to my ears

because the record is so boring

because the record is so exciting

because it makes me sad and then happy again and then sad again and then happy again

because it makes me remember so much

because every time I listen to it it reveals itself anew to me

almost like a diary

Separation between work and artist?

Where would you start?