Lately, I've been attracted by the melodic and delicate tunes of Portuguese Instrumental Music. In general, instrumental music has a certain specialty for me when I listen to music. It seems to me that besides the technical finesse, musicians need to be more artistically ingenious in their compositions. There are no voice or words that distract the listener and let her focus less on the instruments. Nuances and the harmonic interrelation between the instruments can hence be better experienced and convey messages in their own distinct voices.

Although Jazz, in all its varieties, fits best this description, Portuguese folk music or modern interpretations of it have a similar appeal. A fascinating aspect of it is the pace of certain songs. The rhythm is quite slow. I really enjoy that sometimes. Listen to the song Cancao verde años by the Portuguese guitarist Carlos Paredes and you know what I mean. The Portuguese guitar has an extraordinary sound, which is characteristic in traditional Fado music, Portuguese folk music. It pulls you immediately into a profound and comfortable space in which time seems to stand still. A good moment to let your thoughts wander.

If you want to experience something more modern, I highly recommend the album Lisboa Mulata by Dead Combo. Dead Combo consists of two mysterious and skilful guitarists, whose complete faces you'll barely see. They have a unique style of playing together, often combining electric with acoustic guitar. Some of their songs on the album are quite fast paced, but the ones I really like are Anadamastor, Essa Olhar Que Eres Só Teu and Ouvi O Texto Muito Ao Longe that are rather calm and immersive. The last song from these three is featured by a Fado singer who perfectly suits the overall vibe of the song. These tunes incorporate you into their magical story in which you are walking along a seemingly endless beach. You see indistinct fantastic creatures from afar, but every time you approach them they disappear. Great tunes to forget the worries in life and daydream.