After the generic small talk in a bar between Haze and Clarity

Haze: “What kind of music do you listen to?”

Clarity: “I like rock. What about you?"

Haze: “I like Jazz. Echoing guitar riffs flowing through your mind and galvanising trumpets intersecting the soul-loaded rhythms; It all comes down to an ultimate expression of positivity. Which kind of rock do you mean?"

Clarity: “Like Rock & roll, Rolling Stones and Beatles are my favourites."

Haze: “Oh yeah, you can never go wrong with that. I like the mesmerising riffs of psychedelic rock from around the world. They trigger both relaxation and confusion as if you would wander peacefully through hazy landscapes, knowing it will soon reveal its vivid nature.”

Clarity: “I don’t really know this kind of rock.”

Haze: “What about music that makes dance?”

Clarity: “Oh yeah, I like that.”

Haze: “Like Afro Beat or Jazz Funk. I sometimes experience them quite sensually; bass lines whip you; sax grooves seduce you and cheeky snares stimulate you. All together forming a dynamic and flowing harmony that lifts you up. But wait, it doesn’t have to be harmonic. That demanding stare of this guy with long hair sitting on the toilet. His experimental compositions stretched rock and pop music beyond its classic groundings. Some of those tell emotional stories that only attentive listeners can unveil.”

Clarity: “Wait, what are you talking about?”

Haze: “(puzzled) Oh, I seem to digress. My point is that I like to dive into various, even contrasting music styles. Music that I can embed into my mind according to my mood, music as background or full focus of my attention. Given the variety of moods, it can be all kinds of music, as long as it enriches you.”

Clarity: “You better you show me what you mean.”